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Eclipseye - Mindframe - Mindframe_Backing_Track
mob land 1 anch 0

Frame of the mind

Or afraid of the minded

Frame of the mind img.jpg
mindbending game for the daring yet blinded img.jpg
mob land 1 anch 1
mob land 1 anch 2

Like gems of the night

Burning up in the sunlight

smiling from black frames img1.jpg
Gems of the night img.jpg
mob land 1 anch 3
mob land 1 anch 4

Enroute to the top

Tread on heads

Of these bastards

Domain of the tyrants.jpg
Tread on heads of the bastards img1.jpg
mod land 1 anch 5
mob land 1 anch 6

But there comes a time 

When domain of the tyranrts

sansaras wheel sending sane suicidal1.jpg
mod land 1 anch 7
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