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Eclipseye - Mindframe - Mindframe_Backing_Track
mb land 2 anch 0
voice chords in treble cleff.jpg

We're in a firepit

Chrome in a filament

mod land 2 anch 1
mob land 2 anch 2

I'm not inciting

To violence on islands

psilocibin transforms men into animals1.jpg
dragon breath unto them.jpg
mod land 2 anch 3
mob land 2 anch 4

Voicebox unleashes

rhymes like an avalanche1.jpg
legions of demonws march.jpg
mod land 2 anch 5
mob land 2 anch 6

Words of the preacher

Such hideous creatures

surrounded by leaches1.jpg
mod land 2 anch 7
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