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She’s in the minds of doomsday preppers.
As if a goddess kept alive,

In actions of all baby parents,
Heroics shrewd, puritan temples

And outlets praised be as her shrines 

After pandemic comes to its end,
Like coupons and the economics
That saved most lives in misty Albion
In light of world war’s bombing air-raids.
It’s not so much for paranoiacs,
But rather scribings of the stoics.
In lands of planetary workhouse

- She’s in the writings of their prophet,
But not Muhammad, rhymes c

Withing the manuscript dividing

Sum by the count of factors’ fusion.
It’s both in Aldo’s memorandum,

As well as product substitution,
Parabola’s part symbolising

Purchasing power of the populous,
Existant within Maslow's third state, 
With passion and the chaos triform.
If this were Duma’s famous novel,
She is a Brit among French persons.
Whereas in scripts of Roman spokesmen

Beheaded by the Caesar’s ronin,
She is a Siam twin with four heads,

Each wearing collar with a dog tag,
Tis naming one of virtues quartet.
Meanwhile in lands of iron horned beasts,
She’s one of deities released
By eve’s born making bloodied bird form
Out of her husband's ribcage synonym,

Forgive the use of metaphor tis.
She’s in speedometers of turtles,
And tea-pots, living by the sole truth
Of slower equating to further.
It’s in the foresight of the crawlers,
With head light searing through the fog’s walls
Of Scottish highlands, with no street lights
To light their road through sleepy hollow.
While driving back across burned bridges
To safety nets of former selves,
She's in the wills of cryosleepers,
Hoping one day to be brought back to life,
Like Lazarus, Jesus of Bethlehem,
One would need trust funds to conceive this lie.
But in one’s quest of pillowing falls,

Topped by pursuits of an immortal's thrall,

With vigilance taking top shelve spot

On Schindler’s list of risks in order,

Questions of trust and true emotions

With expressivity thereafterwards,

Can all too easily forgotten be.

Just like the old cross folded arm's bone

Of Solomon king’s corpse that leans forth

Upon his staff, in a lethargic dream,

Compelling demons do his bidding

After his death, for many more months

Yet no precaution lasts forever,

As rotten wood of royal staff was 

Eroded hence by crimson ant's teeth

This bone points therefore to southeast

If skull's cap is found pointing northwards.

Please enter solution into password field to verify
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Like holy essenceless; online trade,

Digital marketing, and site sales,

At least their synonyms in slang's take,

Plus, glass that magnifies the hieroglyphs,

Encrusted on the stained-glass library stalls,

And symbols etched into shelves’ handle bars,

Like arms and dial of golden compasses

Dialed in by Lyra or the bird-man's will.

The guard that crawls down cabin carts’ lines

Of engines travelling at light speed,

Sometimes and sometimes worse than bikes uphill.

Whereby, at first there was but tongue’s vice,

Thus, word is cire of our live's glass prisms.

One, we can clearly understand it seems

Once bound inside constructive eye’s views

Or size of bosons and the neutrinos.

Dare we, to dream beyond our hindsight,

Userping, all-encompassing: "I told you so"

As Polo's tag peers through the spyglass,

In mother land's stores on horizon

To see the dark web's V1 onion,

For the first time, once in a lifetime,

Or lucky viking greets the East Coast.

Sizif who runs away from task posed

Or girl with cubed loose cleve’s fiasco,

Played by blue-eyed body-part prodigal.

Pandora’s daughter’s copycat scheme,

Unlike her mother’s can't encompass all

And will be named thus as appropriate.

This word describes the redrawn line’s curve

By bodybuilding fan of arm-days

And canines named after the rodent

With a mechanical-made arm-tail.

This strider’s bone is aiming star wize,

At right angle to pentagram’s sire’s,

Like telescopes pointing at space and time,

Where bare boned truths make first contact,

With young lads riding EM spacecraft.

Whilst it is not named mid the text’s tact,

Directly or any likewise way,

Its brother carries cunning hero's name,

Descriptive daring like the mantis males,

By pheromones’ smell led to certain death

Or instead get to see the next sun rize.

No matter kinds of aesthetics’

Encounters of its kind take spitefulness,

As well as guts to face the facts’ fears,

Along competitors or rivalries

Communal doubts and even life threats

But that’s what takes to be the light house

A scientist amid the blindness

Like n-named girl who's saying bly me

When introducing herself to thee

Or one with most radiant eyes' craze

Who died doing the work that saves lives

Those lapping borders,

Breach beyond lines

And often die at the hands of team mates

Or like great cooks get cooked by cannibals

Those who desert the cause they’ll kill fast

While revolt ends in Kill Bill's blood baths,

The leader must protect his loved post

And destroys anyone who confronts his,

Ensuring own survival lasts long

Unknown’s hostility brings outwards

In men’s minds animals, like trapped beasts,

Who’ll cull their neighbor the first chance they heed.

It's in archeologic dig sights

Alongside oceanic floor and caves

Just like the colonizer's high hopes

In name of industrial foremost means

Seek out this bone, like oil and gas fields,

Alongside acumen about oneself.

Here’s one more hint, the answer rhymes with

One of the females mentioned in this text.

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