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It’s relived by the war’s calamities,

Like friends you thought could come to be these. And yet the benefit of doubt's always

Worth giving henceforth at least once,

No less than thrice for those you love more,

The trinity’s - lord loves this number,

Whether its triangle or 3D space,

Nevertheless there are three vowels

Within the north-east pointing crossed arms,

The symbol then the answer waives,

And loathes

If god is ultimately love,

Then who would argue such a thesis, ay?

Eros - love-child of chaos’ bosom

Forth hence reborn as infant Cupid,

Yet was once cause of universe’s birth,

The matter-antimatter’s lips have kissed

Forming aether and the fathom

Just like the Hemera and the Nyx.

But so as not to waive off topic

Let’s keep this matter short and sweet,

It’s really almost like an instinct,

Intrinsic consent that within most

Had been infused into our genes's code,

It also blinks, with rush of crimson,

Cheeky remarks and complements,

Connections that move continents on,

And handshakes likewise most fulfilled 

It is hot glue that holds together

Civilisations and all later,

While in my country phrase sees thruth hence

‘Better one hundred friends that roubles’

– Inflation has made sure this stays,

If you’ve not guessed it by this moment,

You’re welcome to re-read the text.

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It goes though many different stages,

Exchanging names and hands like papers

Shifting like motion of the markets 

Or genes passed down through generations,

Like through the army’s hierarchy

And down the ranks of corporations,

Plus stations better left unmentioned,

Like past relationships and partners,

Whose sour thoughts of ghastly revenge,

You thought have left been in the past thus,

Until it leads to immolation

Of house or car or firm or both.

Incompetence of entire nations,

To deal with nature of these problems,

Jesus had taught to turn the cheek then,

Only to nailed be to a cross himself.

Like Fascism, versus immigration

Leading to populations’ culling,

Of either one of fractions mentioned.

The exploitation of a friendship,

Where friends are used as cannon fodder,

Or chess board pieces in a game of thrones.

If all are to it, whom to trust in?

We’re stuck in information bubbles,

Plus digitized, divided, conquered,

Populist factions feed on other’s,

Exploiting tension swings of populous

Evil prevails with good’s inaction,

Hence bringing feuds, turmoil and bloodshed,

Ensinuating intervention,

Out on a venture, to keep reigns stretched,

And win majorities of voters,

in rigged elections – control threshholds

Directing it at your opponents

Its shifted down dependant ranks,

With police shields, and info agents,

Whole jurisdiction in their pockets,

Means lady justice shall undraped be,

Spit on and raped in both her eyeholes,

Her cosplay scales and sword have heeded nay,

How else you think she got the blindfold?

Since then, for dollar’s pain relief she begs,

To drown out dolour of her conscience – 

With bloodied hands enforcing will and fate

Of those who wish to make from laws sense,

For generations forth it spreads -

I mean not only public constance,

But realm of private business, but any man-made structure henceforth seen. Without it, reckoning’s day won’t come by David’s treatise relationship, still it’s like human nature’s narcotic, however, so its herd-born antonym, whose laws of pack’s symptoms mandate, the voice of Alpha’s marazmatic tone, sentencing Omegas to bitter end, who’ll torn apart be by a gang of wolves. False prophets often tend to get it, just like the warlords and the lords of war. Let me be brief, y = x is central to any courts process, not question of, how, why or nay, but rather, what for and who’s got it… Therefore, I ask of you dear reader, what gets passed on, and round, and unto one – plenty of it is in this rant, for one.  

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