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  1. When witnessing upon Christ’s passion,

  2. Would you then brew up Tieguanyin,

  3. To ease thy own or other’s hardships?

  4. This act is ever as important,

  5. Just as the reasoning behind tis.

  6. Care for the oxide of her aqua’s lotion,

  7. Like lion-headed iron dagger's kiss,

  8. Thou must pre-brew your herbal options,

  9. Boil-wash the teapot, cups, and cutlery.

  10. Watch crucifixion from your bastion,

  11. While sipping on this lovely potion,

  12. In fortitude of Webber’s mansions,

  13. Like Sherlock’s mind chambers concoction, Washing thy hands in the deduction,

  14. Like Pontius Pilates’ conscience,

  15. No matter how great one’s philanthropism

  16. – It cannot silence their subconscious.

  17. You’re fashioning a plan of action

  18. And plan to put it into motion,

  19. To liberate them from their capture,

  20. Hercules ends light-bringer’s torture,

  21. Where this intention breeds more thereof,

  22. Or to avoid being court-marshalled,

  23. Would you bow down and weld your eyes shut,

  24. Like Russian Federation’s courts had

  25. In year twenty twenty one onwards?

  26. Would you then fall for long eyelashes,

  27. Or begging, teared-up childish orbs’ gaze,

  28. Up from the ground, deep down in soul’s depths,

  29. Thy karma’s crying to get washed out,

  30. Beaming from filthiest of conscience,

  31. Projected out into the masses

  32. Praying you’ll be their lucky coin toss,

  33. There’s always chance so why not chance it,

  34. But does all help imply thus small text?

  35. Or would you end up walking past those, Knowing they’ll spend your change on drugs or Since, eyes possesseth every bastard,

  36. Living on planetary surface,

  37. Except for moles and worms and fungus, Bacterium, plants crippled soldados,

  38. So why then bend to the demands of

  39. Or needs of one’s who’re misfortunate,

  40. Whereby it could all be an act on

  41. And they’ll turn out to be imposters?

  42. – More often than not tis the constant.

  43. Infernals burning in the furnace

  44. - Exploiters of one’s kindness’ curtssies

  45. Are far more common

  46. Than numerous ones

  47. Who need it foremost,

  48. While the conversion of our orbs kiss,

  49. Is nothing but a shot of hormones,

  50. However, cause for it resides still,

  51. Because nothing in nature’s causeless.

  52. Or would you care for your PR instead

  53. And publicly express this warm care,

  54. With the donations' gift cards' fountains

  55. While coverage is all you look for.

  56. So go ahead and name this sherry,

  57. Whose name takes mercy from the truth thus, Like sowing sleeves onto the t-shirts,

  58. And giving them off to the poor.

  59. The smaller marrow hosts less lumen,

  60. Yet knows what it’s like to be human,

  61. The subtle meaning of this clue is

  62. That it belong'th to a woman.

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It’s one of tall grey, marble pillars,

Like titans holding up the cosmos,

Or the skyscrapers scratching ceilings

Of all before thought was impossible.

Each takes the form of brooding symbol,

Busy with several different work tasks,

One of them holds a brush and easel,

The other stands with whip and carrots.

Each one comprises different mirror,

Of windowless dome’s David’s star court,

Wherein one statue holds compass,

The other video recorders.

The fifth one carries crystal spheres forth 

And breaches otherworldly borders,

While one we seek is the OG one

Resting his head upon the forearm.

When able it will aim to be fair,

‘Pon carefully weighing all options,

Yet at three crossroads it’ll betray thee.

And chooses thus to be empiric,

In the approach to what’s unclear here,

Plus substitutes the missing pieces

With images and tapes it stored thus.

It falls like Colossus of Rhodes

Struck by the storm bolt of omniscience,

Only to rise like Phoenix stronger,

From the enlightening experience.

It's both the cause and explanation,

That made civilisation itself,

Like gifted by ancient greek Ia

If it is solid – all sane listens,

Yet when tis poor,

It's orb must feable be,

And if it's ill you’re named a villain,

While otherwise makes thou of realist.

Therefore, enlighten me, dear reader,

What am I thinking about hither?

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