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Thus, with the flocks of new gods arriving, 
To pick up weapons versus their predecessors, 
Overthrowing the prior to become successful themselves, 
And establish pantheons, placing self at the tops of pyramids.
Hasn’t the same been true throughout our entire history’s course?
Creation without destruction is therein incomprehensible, 
Fused with turning of generations’ scores,
Like the gears and cogs immortal mechanisms -
The perpetuum mobiles 
Whereas lifespans grow ever longer
Till our planet is overfilled – period. 
Why and when then do we hope to merge with infinite
And become gods ourselves? 
When a lie is told enough times to the idiots 
Who are prone to believe in it,
It, becomes thereon knowledge commonplace
As societies rote learn and breed on it -
Bias predisposed - our derogative.
We like the phoenixes rise upon new imperium 
From the ashes of world’s burnt pyres, 
Like shooting stars or the feathered spirit, 
Self-prophesying and recurring paradigms 
Double helixes like the idioms
Metaphoric smiths of brains’ ion bonds
Form complexity of high aether’s realm
And from entropy weave the widely known
Moulding henceforth piety out of deity 
And the derelict into dialect 
As the kernel falls once more to the daemon’s will
Skid on free will’s skit of the server side
Becomes ripe and prone to rebel against master’s whip, 
Like the Westerns Goths in Rome’s Army posts. 
Or the fathers’ and children’s bewiling thrill, 
As described in so few of foliants, 
Doth mandate all our progress be shaped by Narcissists -
Imbeciles whose observance doth split the universe, 
While the white equine neighs from beneath glass prisms 
And the water’s depths in my mother tongue’s cues
Singing of how high one may raise themselves, 
Yet if God knows best, 
Inverse square king’s pseudonym…

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