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Spell the answer...

When death bells neigh 
From what ensued has 
The other day
Or later noon hence
When you have knelled 
Those who gave you sense
Or sense purpose, those you knew since
You were but kids or teenage nuisance 
Those who made you feel innocence
And not alone in this great universe
It feels though as forever thence 
A part was ripped out with the hubris
As embryo, with cold-blood hands
Was cut out from the mother’s uterus
Caving in walls, in stale suspense
Feels as if though entire world ends
A void so empty and so ruthless
It wakens something so grotesque
It is synonymous with truthfulness
And power at its most immense 
As arrows fired from the cupids’ bows
One prime most suspect to suscept 
One to the sceptre of its rule-lessness
A force so dense it doth transcends
The norms and boundaries of human lives
Alongside brewing thoughts descends
And often leads to acts of foolishness
Yet it’s the only thing that stands
Between oneself and thoughts of suicide
Whereas it’s acting on reflex 
It lives in chants of rowdy rooters,
Protests of separatist cells 
Plus, grunts of mating beasts and humans
And growls of snarlers on offence 
Like mozzarella cheese producers
Endurance spurs yours viewed though lens
Of Phisiologie du Gout’s text
Or doctor’s other pelt-like self
Reflects thrice in Waverly’s ruins –
This force barbaric in a sense 
Orb-thwarting like the well of Urdr’s, 
The wood on which a flame sustains
A totem of the two-horned druids.
Its carried on by gene pools’ strains 
Alongside Fuhrers words that lure us
It lives where spinal serpent stems
The root of Freudian philosophies
Like Light brigade of war’s events
It rides over six hundred horses
Can you decode thus how it spells?

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