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Eclipseye - Mindframe - Mindframe_Backing_Track
mob land 3 anch 0

Keyboards unsheathed be

Like Swords of Yoshitsune

keyboards unsheathed2.jpg
mod land 3 anch 1
mob land 3 anch 2

Decipher the chiffrer

While sipping on Chiraz

sipping on chiraz2.jpg
a demigod jihn.jpg
mod land 3 anch 3
mob land 3 anch 4

I'm chieften of Shietan

A demigod Jinn

shoveling genomes like chips in casinos.jpg
mod land 3 anch 5
mob land 3 anch 6

Shuffling Chinos

On graves of our enemies

bring down their regimes in a genious game of chess.jpg
mod land 3 anch 7
mob land 3 anch 8

Sleeves of the Shipachi

Eyes of Shinigami

shuffling chinos on graves of our enemies.jpg
sleeves of the shipachi1.jpg
mod land 3 anch 9
mob land 3 anch 10

Symbols form syllables

Sibilance similar

juris comprising peers.jpg
mod land 3 anch 11
mob land 3 anch 12

Churches of Luddites 

Burn down the machinery

mod land 3 anch 13
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